0x0009 - The GPU Sky is Falling

The GPU Sky is Falling

0x0009 - The GPU Sky is Falling

Over at pcpartpicker.com they keep a running tally of what GPU cards were doing during the great GPU Crypto Craze.

Well today on Facebook in the Ottawa, Ontario region  the same RTX 3070 is now listing for $520Cdn which after the 1.38 conversion at this time is $376 US Cash.

Let's look at how much 'gpu muscle' we are getting for our compute dollar the statistics are pretty insane - a big thanks to techpowerup.com which keeps a very good database of information on all GPU cards (even the obscure ones)

This card is a compute monster. It's only 7% off a 3070 Ti, and only 5 years ago the 3080Ti's used to fetch a whopping $2000 are now dumping for $280.  But this 3070 holds 12 TERAFLOPS of compute power.  I know Apple Computer's new A16 chip will put 8 Teraflops into your phone, but if you went back only 20 years ago - 12 Teraflops was more compute power than the US government had for it's supercomputer clusters - they topped out at 4.9 Tflops.  The Top500.org from November 2000 shows us:

Probably the price-rout has to do with the face that crypto side-coins are collapsing in value, and Etherium the pinnacle of gpu mining interests has forked.

Why is the Bell-Curve so Useful here?

Amazingly this bell-curve mathematical harmonic applies in all markets.  If you have a market with 10 gpu cards for sale, and you apply the above bell - 10% or 1 card would be undervalued, 7 cards would be mid-ranged priced and 2 cards would be over priced and probably not sell.

But if you have a 100 GPU cards for sale suddenly your bell-curve gets very favourable for the buyer as 10 cards are now way-under priced, 70 cards are mid-range priced and 20 cards are still too expensive. The statistical odds of getting a product at the bottom of the bell-curve increase dramatically if you are patient and look.

Once you see this dynamic at work and it works in all markets it is a matter of looking for large market-sets.  

If you have some $$$ to spare now is the time to build that monster gamer pc (for the kids educational needs of course!)

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