0x0008 - Efficient Ghost Backup (just the sqlite.db please..)

Efficient Ghost Backup (just the sqlite.db please..)

0x0008 - Efficient Ghost Backup (just the sqlite.db please..)

Even though this blog only has a few posts to it when we back it up -  the ghost image to tar backup is a whopping 966 MB plus!! The images are just so much smaller!

sudo docker ghost > /remote/ghost_backup.tar

But then if we compress the .tar back to zip it's size dramatically drops.  Ok there is the solution.

In this instance the /remote/ directory is actually a sshfs map over a reverse proxy ssh to a raspberry pi gumstick (crazy tutorial here).

Instead of backing up the entire image, we could instead, just backup the sqlite.db file itself, as:

sudo docker cp ghost:/var/lib/ghost/versions/5.14.2/content/data/ghost-dev.db /remote/ghost-dev.db

Performance Metrics of Mice Sized Compute Modules.

How fast will a 1-core VPS zip read-write compress backup to a 1-core raspberry pi zero through a reverse-proxy SSH SSHFS mapping over a 1000 mile link?!?   Well here is your answer:

glances is the 'go-to' meter to watch:

sudo yum install glances -y 
# or 
sudo apt install glances -y

VPS Side:

Raspberry Pi Side:

So the raspberry pi ran out of CPU juice just trying to show glances, anyways...  It looks like we get about 2MB/s on straight SSHFS inside SSH tunnel link speed, that's pretty respectable.  In this instance we are telling the VPS to fetch the remote file at the Raspberry Pi Zero Compress it - then put it back, effectively a ridiculous expectation (as we are going through a 2-layer SSH link) but it's all working attesting to the incredible ability of the Linux OS itself.

But the long and the short is - one was able to get a 20G VPS to enlarge to 200G or whatever through the SSH link (on a 1 watt budget) which you can see here: - That's pretty respectable

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