Running Windows Enterprise 11 inside VMWare (Inside Linux - with Success!)

Install Windows Enterprise 11 inside Linux via VMWare and Run it. Shout out to Darth Vader legendary David Prose.

Running Windows Enterprise 11 inside VMWare (Inside Linux - with Success!)
In Honour of David Prose - Darth Vader

From this link - one can (supposedly) install temporary evaluation images of Windows.  Ok sure!  We will try VMWare since apparently one can install VMPlayer inside Linux.  Starting off at a 22GB download it is suggested to bring lots of bandwidth:

While it's downloading we can probably head over and install VMWare:

Two options present:

Once you have it downloaded you pass it to bash:

sudo bash ./VMware-Player-Full-17.0.2-21581411.x86_64.bundle

Once it is installed it is callable from your Linux Menu and seems to integrate cleanly...

  • There is a free option:

The main menu is very much like VirtualBox:

The virtual disk came in as a zip and is a monster - but anyways we will unzip this:

Ok! Breaks over let's see how it works! The zip will unpack into a .ovf file:

Which then needs importing:

Again it takes a LONG time to process:

Just checking it seems like vmplayer only uses 2 cores in it's process (wow not used to such poor utilization by software)

We finally made it! Running Windows Inside Linux with a trial and not having to get licenses or anything.

One can set the settings for the VM and it looks clean:

After about 5 minutes:

Which is pretty fascinating because this is supposed to be a pre-built image.  Anyways.

Unreal. The VM is locked at 4 cores:

Summary: It worked - finally it was a long journey but a working VM inside Linux worked (sorta).

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