Running Windows 10 inside an lxc Container Part 2 (wine32)(fail-city).

In this guide we explore if it is possible to get rufus running inside wine32 by installing Debian Linux inside a lxc container.

Running Windows 10 inside an lxc Container Part 2 (wine32)(fail-city).

In part 1 we attempted the basic Ubuntu guide (that says you can run Windows inside it), and then attempted to run Rufus inside wine32. Both failed.  Now the issue is to see if we can find a working wine32. To solve this properly we need an OS that still has good 32-bit support. Enter debian which supports 32-bit support as a inherint selling feature.  Naturally we are building these inside VMs images using the LXC containerization.

Initialize the container, and give it some hard drive space:

lxc init deb --vm --empty
lxc config device override deb root size=40GB

Now add a CDROM and set it to load the debian iso:

lxc config device add deb cdrom disk source=/q2/qemu/debian/deb.iso

Now we can limit the cpus if desired and the ram.  The rule-of-thumb depends on your situation but you should not give it more than 80% of the host system resources:

lxc config set deb limits.cpu 6
lxc config set deb limits.memory=6GB

Now start it up and hit esc: when it first starts up:

lxc start deb --console=vga

Go inside your Boot Manager (you only need to do this once) and select CDROM.

If at any time you loose your console it can still be reopened with:

lxc console deb --type vga

You will be presented with:

You will be presented with some standard installation questions about language etc. Once you have clicked through these

  • Set the root password, and create a common user account:
  • One can accept the 'use guided disk installation' Because it is all inside the single image (50GB) it can be a clean simple installation.

Usually this is good for packages:

After this (for this instance it installed0 1403 files:

After that reboot the VM:

  • Some notes: Debian may seem 'toyish' right-clicking does not give the user an option to even open a terminal, and the basic user is not even in the sudoers files. Nonetheless:
sudo apt install libwine

In the application manager we can install wine as in:

And there is also Q4 Wine

After considerable messing debian did install i386 but rufus simply would not run inside a wine configuration.

Basically rufus apparently has the ability to download iso images - but getting it to run inside a VM does not work.

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