0x0036 - Raspberry Pi Sticker Shock

Raspberry Pi Sticker Shock and some alternatives.

0x0036 - Raspberry Pi Sticker Shock

Since https://git.drogon.net/  is now missing - it is good to keep a basic compendium of foundational knowledge about the Raspberry Pi - especially since now you cannot even buy them (without crazee pricing.)

Holy Shite Batman! What happened to the price on these things?  I remember the 'good old days' when you could buy a Raspberry Pi Zero for $14.95, and Raspberry Pi 4's starting at $44.95 for the base 512MB. Now it's  $419?!  

Naturally even the clone alternatives have jumped in price taking advantage of the world-wide shortage - a Libre Computer Board coming in at $78.

With those kind of prices it can be expected that demand will create supply and you can see some interesting alternatives for under $50 - the Orange Pi Zero - but you are pretty much expressly buying out of Asia to get them.

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