Digital Signal Analyzer on a Budget

We look at a very low-cost budget Digital Signal Analyzer from amazon.

Digital Signal Analyzer on a Budget

Made by Ounefar (somewhere out there in the nether someone makes these).

We want to get this working in Linux and what is really handy is the application by sigrok from

With the instructions from:

Of interest is pulseview and it's build instructions go as:

Once you have sudo make install ed it:


Setting up to connect to the Ounefar digital signal analyzer:

To the left of the configuration button is a drop-down:

Saleae Logic 16 will function as a driver for this device, but it will be found under the fx2lafw (generic driver):

You can now select the number of samples and the sample rate:

Even though the run button appears greyed out click it:

Pulses will appear (on D0) we have it going):

Using the timer marker:

We can now accurately measure pulses:

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