0x0028 - Cuda Setup Try: 002 Fail

Cuda Setup Try: 002 Fail

0x0028 - Cuda Setup Try: 002 Fail

Cuda can be a very fickle install.  We wipe the laptop and start fresh:

  • Ubuntu 22 latest:
  • nvidia-<driver_family>-525
  • cuda-<driver_family>12.0 (Just out)

We do not expect this to integrate with Clion cleanly and simply want to see if we can get at least command-line compilation working at a base level:

Starting with a base-line NVIDIA nvidia-driver-525:

Next we confirm a basic nvidia-smi:

Part II cuda-toolkit:

At this point we already starting getting breaks:

And system problems

Next we switch to the nvidia-driver-525-open (propriety, tested) - fail:

System broken already - reformat.

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