0x0027 - Cuda Setup Try: 001 Fail

Cuda Setup Try: 001 Fail

0x0027 - Cuda Setup Try: 001 Fail

Getting Cuda to work really is not documented properly, partial guides, missing settings etc.  Additionally CLion may work with older versions - but not the latest.  Using this guide as a starting point - let's see if we can get it working in the Clion Ubuntu Environment:

First we get this setup:

Next we add compile options (-G) to our CMakeLists.txt

Next CMAke is looking for nvcc.

Now we want to install a Cuda toolkit - but to help ensure compatibility we are not going to install the latest version but version 11 as in: We have to download a standalone so that it cannot push a later version that CLion cannot work with.

Next we want to try to purge out any old nvidia drivers and install about the 450 region.

We now are unable to migrate back to the 450 drivers as so many pieces are missing:  It was suggested here to try this:

Next try to install cuda-tools-11 after taking holds off:

sudo apt-mark unhold *
sudo apt install cuda-tools-11

At this point this is what is installed in cuda terms

sudo apt list --installed | grep cuda

And we are sitting on 450 drivers..

Finally we want to add the path to our installed cuda-11

Did all of this work yet - nope, still scatological guidance we are back to updating CMake to 3.25

Next we tried seeing if aptitude could fix the driver issue:

Next we check and take our holds off the nvidia packages

Next we try updating the driver again:

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