0x002A - Cuda Setup: Try 004 - Success!

Cuda Setup: Try 004 - Success!

0x002A - Cuda Setup: Try 004 - Success!
Photo by Joshua Earle / Unsplash

A move back to 515 drivers potentially will present stability:  

sudo apt install nvidia-utils-515 -y
sudo apt install nvidia-driver-515

This did get nvidia-smi to work - it suggested CUDA Version: 11.7

Next we will try the following:

At this point we have /usr/local/cuda-12.0 with aliases to /usr/local/cuda/bin

At this point we are able to get the following code-block to work:

#include "stdio.h"

__global__ void cuda_hello()
    printf("Hello World from GPU!\n");

int main() 
    return 0;

Some inferences:

  • Backbox builds on Ubuntu 22 - things like build-essential are already there.
  • Samples are really geared towards Visual Studio (samples) -  trying to make this work in the Linux environment is much more challenging as this guide illustrates the long qualifying process:
  • We are compiling but we have no stepping debugger outside cuda-gdb yet.
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